PBS Kids Games - Give Your Child a Good Educational Start

Every parent worries about whether or not their child is ready to meet the challenges of that first year in school. PBS kids games can eliminate that worry or at least minimize it by using a series of fun and educational games to get your child ready for school while still having fun.

PBS kids games is an online site that has over 50 educational games to help your child get ready for the educational challenges that lay ahead and to even practice basic math and reading skills once they are in school. The PBS site has online games that teach basic reading and math readiness such as letter sounds and counting. It also has word recognition games, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice for older kids and even games that let children explore science and nature.

While some of these games are free the majority can only be played by registering with PBS Kids games. The fee is $80.00 per year but the site does offer a free trial period so you can determine whether or not the site is actually helpful to your child. Most parents should find the site easy to navigate and a great way for young children to practice counting and letter and word recognition. For children in school the ability to practice reading and math concepts will help a struggling child perfect these skills at a much more economical fee than a tutor would cost.

Just What Do You Get For Your Registration Fee?

The bottom line for most parents is knowing what they will get for their registration fee. The answer is quite a lot actually. Not only does your child get access to all 50 educational games, but also, there are also many arcade type games that you and your child can play together. You also get a series of PBS television episodes for kids that will further allow them to learn about a variety of topics, there are down loadable coloring pages as well.

To round everything off and make this site more useful for parents, PBS kids games have developed a way to follow their children's progress so that you can see which areas your child may need further development in and which areas they excel in so that you can help direct them in their learning. Best of all because these activities are done on the computer, there will be less stress between you and your child and your child gets instant feedback so they know what they did wrong and can learn to correct it.

PBS kids games are not meant to replace parental involvement in your child's education. It is simply a means to give parents one more tool to help their child learn and be more successful in school. If you are worried about your child being ready for school or if you have a young elementary child who is struggling with some of the basic skills, PBS kids games may be worth trying out for both you and your child.

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