Educational Games That Middle School Students Will Like

History gets a bad rap from many kids who think it's boring, pointless, and dreary. But in truth, history can be one of the most interesting subjects in school if it's presented right. History games can help by bringing history to life on a computer screen or on a board game. By turning learning into an interactive and fun process, social studies games for kids and educational history software can transform history class from a dreaded event into the one class kids most look forward to. Whether you're a teacher, a home-schooling parent, or a parent looking to give your kids an extra boost at home, history games can help.

Perhaps the best example of educational history software and one that nearly everyone is at least somewhat familiar with is the Oregon Trail game. This history-based game has been used for decades to help children learn about American history and provides one of the best ways to add interactivity to your child's life. Countless schools use the Oregon Trail game, and it's inexpensive enough to install on your home computer as well. If your child needs to improve their understanding of what life was like in early America, this history game is a good place to start.

Geography games can help as well, since geography has often been a dreaded subject for many kids. Learning countries, continents, states, and even capital cities has never been any child's favorite process, but map games for kids can help make it more tolerable and even fun. From interactive point and click geography games to more in-depth ones, adding games to your geography resources can be the perfect way to help motivate them to learn more about our world. In a time where many adults can't find certain places on a map, this skill is more important than ever.

Social studies games for kids can help them learn about government and much more by creating fun simulations of real life events. Whether you're hoping to help your kids learn about history, geography, or something else, adding educational history software to your library can help ensure that it isn't a monotonous process. It can actually be fun, interesting, and surprisingly addictive. Don't overlook the power of history games when you're looking for ways to boost a child's education - they've been used for a long time with good reason, and trying them for yourself will help you see why.

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Benefits of Educational Software Games For Children

Recently, a select number of games have generated a great deal of good press with regards to helping children learn fundamental skills. Though conventional wisdom has demanded limiting the time children spend interfacing with television or computer screens, and indeed there are some issues involving eye strain that should be heeded, it could behoove a child to engage in some amount of interactive, computer-based learning. The tools parents and teacher have at their disposal have multiplied exponentially.
There are a number of educational games that can help children develop important skills that are necessary to bloom. An important example includes programs that are geared towards developing reading skills. These games combine the use of phonics with word families, while using colors and music to enhance children's retention. Reading is one of the most important skills a child develops and more and more educational companies are starting to realize this. As a result, there are a slew of games available for young children who are looking forward to read.
Another class of educational games parents and educators can explore involves building fundamental math concepts. Children are given insights into basic addition and subtraction, as well as basic geometry, especially with regards to shapes and their names. As children age and their skills and understanding broaden, these educational games can provide an exciting means of learning about multiplication, division, time, and more.
While academics alone are an important section of every child's educational experience, there are other concepts that are relevant to a child's emotional and mental development. Emotional intellect is important to understanding a child's emotional response to people and situations. The key concepts to be aware of are sharing, honesty, and compassion. Some exceptional software programs and games help reinforced these traits.
There are a number of benefits associated with educational software programs and games. Children can learn about basic academic concepts, and progress to more advanced concepts as they develop. Furthermore, children can learn the ramifications of sharing, team work, and responsibility. If you want to enhance the academic and emotional intellect of your child, kids educational software games can be very rewarding.
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Online Gaming Can Be A Safe Haven With Fun Educational Games

Free games are not created equal. Some are better than others, of course.
If you don't have to pay anything, it might not seem to make much difference whether or not the game is of good quality, but that all depends on your objective. Your only goal might be to have some fun. Even the amount of fun that you have depends on the quality of the game.
In general, the game should be easy to use. The rules should be relatively easy to understand. Ideally, the difficulty will increase as you continue to play.
There are benefits that accompany smiling and having fun, including lower stress levels, which is good for your heart, and better brain function as you age. If the play is frustrating or stressful, you won't get the heart healthy benefits of playing games. It might still help you keep your brain active, but if your heart is not healthy, your brain suffers over time.
When it comes to an educational game, there are many factors to consider. If the software doesn't measure up, it is simply a waste of time to use it.
Many of the free educational games available online are designed for vocabulary building. A vocabulary game can be fun for hours when it is designed to be more fun than concentrating solely on the educational purposes. Even Scrabble is helpful for building vocabulary, although that's not why most people play the game because it is very fun.
Crossword puzzles can be used in all subjects, including spelling, health, science and even more advanced subjects like chemistry. The puzzles combine vocabulary with definition of terms that make it fun to figure out. Foreign language crossword puzzles are also available.
Some online programs are basically electronic flashcards. One side of the card might be a math problem, a definition, a foreign language phrase or a chemistry problem. The other side will reveal the answer. You will also find many trivia sites that will rank you against people all around the world which can make it fun and not to mention make a few friends along the way.
The object is to look at the questions and the answers as they flash by, for a certain period of time. The second step is to try to remember the answers and say the answer before the card flips over. Sometimes the cards flip automatically. Sometimes a mouse click is used to flip the card when you are ready.
You might think of free educational games as "serious". That is how they are sometimes referred to. But that doesn't mean the game cannot be fun. It should be fun. If you are looking for something for a child like abc kids games, it must be fun or it will not hold the child's attention.

Best Nintendo DS Educational Games

Nintendo DS Educational video games are more popular today due to the release of game titles that do have the ability to develop a child's focus and skills. Adults are not left out as there are brain games like Brain Age and Big Brain Academy designed to sharpen their reflexes.

The Video games are played on the DS console which is a handheld gaming platform with a dual LCD screen. The console contains a microphone and a voice recognition system used in some simulation training video games like Nintendogs. The second screen is used as a touchscreen with the aid of a stylus.

Subject like maths and English can easily be mastered because the games are designed in such away that they make learning all fun and not a pain. Also children can learn mental strategy, eyes and hand coordination by playing these games.

There are varieties of titles to choose from ranging from simulation games to role play games. There are also puzzles and mysteries titles to play. I review below some of the best DS educational games for kids.

1. Super Scribblenauts: is an iteration of the original game Scribblenauts developed by 5th Cell for Nintendo DS. The video game allows players to conjure any object by writing the name on the touchscreen. Players can also change the appearance of the objects through the use of adjectives. Super Scribblenauts is a single player game with a PEGI rating of 12+.

2. Junior Brain Trainer 2: a sequel to the Junior Brain Trainer is a brain training video game designed for kids. The game helps kids develop their memory, maths, reading, logic and problem-solving skills among others. Junior Brain Trainer 2 is a collection of a 130 puzzles and activities. This game takes a fun method approach in encouraging children to learn in a stimulating environment. The game has been rated 3 and over by PEGI.

3. Junior Classic Games: is a collection of games aimed at developing memory, logic and problem-solving skills in kids. The game features various levels of difficulties with a reward system to keep children motivated. This title features number games, logic, arcade, music has a PEGI rating of 3+

4. Imagine Teachers: Imagine Teacher is a multiplayer simulation video game. Gamers play the role of a young teacher task with educating initially four students. Students are taught how to write, biology, maths, history and geography and develop artistic skills such as music, drawing and pottery. The video game has a PEGI rating of 3+

5. Let's Draw!: is a simulation video game that challenges kids to be creative. The game teaches kids how to draw by following step by step guides to creating images. The video game allows kids to use their designs as part of the fun mini-games.

DS Educational games can serve as a good supplement to increasing your kids focus and mental strategy and are perfect for keeping your kid occupied while on trips. You can find and compare DS game prices here

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Educational Games for Kids: Enhance Your Kid's Learning Experience

Let me start with a quote I used to come across in my everyday life, "Kids are always Kids, and should remain kids". Very true, would you like to see a kid who is very serious about his life or would be rather happier looking at a kid who is joyfully playing with his toys and his video games. Research has proved that kids are at their perceiving best when they enjoy what they do.

Well, we have come across many parents who yell at their kids for not studying and just lazing around their time playing video games. But I would like to thank the developers who thought of an idea which helped in integrating video games to educate a kid. These are called educational games, and are designed specifically to teach a kid the in-depth concept of a certain subject. This is probably a revolution in the education sector in educating small kids. Moreover I feel, now even the parents are bothered to look for educational games for their dear little ones.

Educational games are known for stimulating the overall growth of a kid. It generally promotes the physical, social and emotional growth among the kids. Some of the benefits of educational games:

• It provides a medium that promotes an immediate and challenging visual feedback within a fun safe virtual environment.
• Research has proved that kids exposed to educational software games developed many skills like Logical Reasoning skills and decision making.
• Educational games also help the kids to interact with the other kids of their age to solve a particular puzzle or a problem.

There are different classes of educational games that help the kids to fine tune their skills. Let us have a sneak peek at what the parents go for to take off their kid's trouble facing in Maths? Well it is an edutainment software called the Manga High. This is a math game for higher elementary and lower middle school students, created by the top brains at Oxford University.

If you are ever wondering it is very difficult for you to shop educational software game to your dear little ones, there exists a solution for everything. Thanks to the internet. Yes, the internet also offers a variety of online games to play with for the kids of all age groups. All these online educational games are designed in such a way that they'll be enhancing the learning process continuously while the games are being played.

Nintendo Educational Games Should Work to Teach Cooperation to Children, Rather Than Competition

One thing I see again and again in Nintendo educational games is that, with few exceptions, they are solitary affairs. And, when they include a multi-player mode, it's inevitably of the competitive nature. Beat my score, top my level, etc. It's understandable; video games and games in general usually involve a certain level of competition. Even in orange-slice soccer leagues who don't keep score, there's the personal level of getting a ball past an opponent, kicking or handling skill comparisons running in the kids' minds. I get it, we're a competitive culture.

But we're talking about friends and siblings, here - why can't we design our Nintendo learning games to teach cooperation, rather than competition?

This is going to require a bit of a sea-change in the industry, I'm guessing. We're so used to setting the highest score and putting our initials up for all to see. Most of the video games out today, whether Nintendo educational game or 360 shooter, are competitive first, solo-campaign next, and co-op mode possibly as an afterthought. For those of us with two children, wouldn't it be nice to see a game that teaches teamwork? Sharing? Couldn't our educational games include modes that require players to work together to solve a puzzle, rather than see who can finish it the fastest?

We have a few examples in the Nintendo educational game world, but look at the mature video game titles! There is a definite trend in these games - most of which are violent, unfortunately - to offer the ability to invite a friend or sibling to take on the game's challenges together. It's great! Some actually require teamwork between two players in order to get the best gear or score the highest possible mark; in other words, they don't require that you play with a friend to succeed in-game, but they offer plenty of incentive to do so.

More carrot, less stick.

It's unfortunate that, for the most part, the library of Nintendo educational games is pretty scant when you're searching for a game to help teach your young ones teamwork. It appears to be an oversight, rather than a calculated move on the developers' parts.

There's also a level of "flying solo" in our educational system. Tests are taken alone, no book, no hints, no help, and especially no looking over your fellow student's shoulder. That's fine - I understand - we want to find out what each student knows, hopefully with the goal of shoring up any weak spots in a child's education. But the school-type setting is exactly what we ought to be avoiding in Nintendo educational games. We shouldn't want to remind our gamers of school, of stress, of tests and exams and pop quizzes. Our goal, ultimately, should be to make learning fun.

I believe this effort would be helped by including cooperative modes in our Nintendo educational games. It probably won't be easy, coming up with exercises and lessons that require cooperation. But it has to be possible, whether through a more rigid gameplay mechanic (think driver/navigator, researcher/writer, or hands/feet) or unique mini-games (drawing two halves of a picture from memory, alternating teacher and student roles, or simple collaborative playing to solve in-game puzzles).

I'm happy to watch my kid learn as he plays. I'd be even happier if he found encouragement and excitement in tackling a problem together with a friend. Nintendo's been the leader in console innovation; let's see them make some powerful strides in cooperation and collaboration for their next spate of Nintendo educational games.

William is a parent and a New York straphanger. His kid is already on the way to becoming a gamer who sometimes needs a little "gentle encouragement" to play his Nintendo educational games, even the ones the little guy picked out, himself. William misses the days of Sonic and Mario when they'd only go from left-to-right, rather than 360 degrees.

Kids Educational Games: The Basic Facts

Kids' games are meant for 2-fold purposes. These are meant for entertainment as well as for fun and learn method. These games are available both in online and offline method. Whereas online games are played with relevant websites, with CDs and toys are common ingredients for playing educational games. Before knowing different positive impacts of playing kids game, it is better to know different levels of educational games for kids.

Educational games for kids are available with different game levels; these games are available for toddlers, pre-school kids, and school going kids, etc. Although all these games are meant for fun and learn method of teaching, the level of comprehensiveness varies for one to another. The objectives of all games are almost same; it is the support and extension of learning process via improved motor skill and different cognitive processes like eye-to-hand-coordination process etc.

There are different types of games like memory game, geography puzzles, vocabulary games; alphabet and musical games are mainly meant for toddlers and pre-school kids for the basic learning as well as for their entertainment. Regular and methodical playing of these games helps improving memory power of kids as well as it helps in improves some additional qualities which is helpful in grasping the learning curriculum with better scale of efficiency.

Adults may frown at the kids' habit of playing games but playing games can have multiple benefits. Some of these benefits are discussed here.

Playing games helps kids for grasping the learning process with better ability and recapitulation power. The visual effect of educational games helps in improving memory power, reflex power, and analyzing ability etc. While these cognitive skills get improved, it helps in learning the academic lessons with better scale on understanding and inquisitiveness.

Once upon a time games and education were considered as two opposite aspects of learning method. Modern educational process indulges the use of educational games as a supportive process of academic learning as it extends the tendency to explore, create, and balance different factors for accumulation of total result. The learn-and-fun method injects fun filled learning process and thus kids enjoy their learning process and produces faster result in learning a theme.

One of the most immediate benefits of playing educational games is relating the kids into quality involvement. Educational games are type of brain tonic which works for the over all development of brain and its functional abilities. The proper use of educational games can explain complicated things in a lucid way and it helps in making better level of understanding about the academic lessons for a kid regardless his/her age group.

Puzzle games for the kids are wonderful brain exercise. Playing quality educational kids game help participating kids in improving their over all learning ability and thus provides great impetus for producing better result in their classroom study process.

Educational Computer Games - An Effective Learning Tool

It is vital that parents be very creative in finding means to aid the child's learning process. While a person is still young, he is very attentive in many things and is able to take in a lot of knowledge. This is the right stage that parents be very persuasive in imparting knowledge to their child.

Although a child can easily store a lot of knowledge in their mind, teaching them is not as easy as it seems. It is hard to catch a child's attention because of the presence of many interesting things around and they can easily get bored when doing the same routine for a long time. There should be creative ways to hold the child's attention when learning.

Playing while learning is a great technique to keep the child's attention. Computer games have been used to give kids fun in playing and at the same time be an effective learning tool. There are many studies that show desirable effects to a child when playing computer games. Outstanding academic improvement has been seen in a child who is playing computer games.

A lot of computer games that are designed for kids can be bought and can even be played free on the internet. But because of the wide range of themes and topics that anyone can access on the internet it is essential that parents be very attentive to their child when using the computer. They might be able to download or access inappropriate software for their age which can possibly cause adverse influence to them. Parents must also be very careful in choosing games. A type of game which demonstrates violence must be avoided.

Fun games that can enhance a child's learning aptitude are the ideal game. There are a variety of learning games that teach various essential topics such as in maths, science and history. Most fun and educational games are designed to catch the child's attention and to provide knowledge.

Many parents are hesitant to give their child access to computer games because of the thought that a child can be addicted to them and can cause harmful effects. However, with the right choice of game and with proper guidance, using computer games can be a significant tool to aid in the child's learning process.

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Online Educational Learning Games for Kids - Fun Way of Tutoring for Parents and Children

Online games are no longer limited to racing cars and computers are no longer used only for emailing and chatting. Online educational games for kids are becoming a popular way to teach kids about alphabets, number and words and other information.

Advantages of Online Educational Learning Games

Online educational learning games is an effective way with endless options for teaching kids of all age groups, children are also able to operate it without much assistance. Parents find it easier to teach kids through these programs, who become familiar with operating the computer.

Kids have fun learning phonetics, spellings and even a new language. Children are not willing to learn math tables or difficult words at school. They find it fun to sit in front of a Computer and learn languages and solve mathematical problems. In this age of computers, computers are becoming an important part of the child's daily curriculum with parents opting to teach these kids new things each day with the help of online educational games.

Computer games are also known to improve the motor skills in children. In addition, the level of these games can be adjusted according to the level and learning ability of the kids. The makers of these games keep the kid's interest in mind while designing them so that their interest is maintained. Another advantage of these games is that you can find free online games and do not have to invest in these expensive products.

There is unlimited knowledge available on the net, waiting to be tapped. There are so many interesting games available on the internet that the children are sure to find new games where they are through playing with the older ones.

Other activities that are available on the internet include online coloring games. This is also a constructive way that children can use to pass their leisure time and according to experts reflects the emotions of these children.

Another advantage is that the kids can lay in the comfort of their home and do have to be tutored elsewhere. Also, kids who are fond of playing on the computer can spend their time learning educational material instead on video games that teach violence.

Parents have to keep an eye on their kids and make sure that they do not spend time on the computer playing games that could be harmful for them. It is essential to direct the kids to educational sites that have beneficial games and are known to help the progress of these children.

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Free Educational Games and Fun Free Games For Kids

You can teach your child a number of basics which are needed to get fun during playing free educational games. Here are a number of free educational games and fun free games for kids to play with your little one.

Learning Letters

Let an ongoing alphabet game for a day. Choose a special letter for everyday like A or B or C. Then play with your child along with the letter. You can also use the sticker of the letter and can fix those on wall or can choose plastic toy letters. But if you get start the playing with a letter a day then will become easy to make your child understand. In this way your child can identify the letters with no trouble.

Learning Order of Letter

Then teach your child the order of letters through simple ABCD song which is most popular in preschool days. If you are not familiar with this song then you can search for this one in internet. From there you will know about that and can make your child known about the order of letters easily through the playing song.

Learning Numbers

Numbers learning is also can be easily done by the same method of learning ABCD. The similarity is that you use those plastic toys as you can use for learning ABCD but these should be designed in numbers. In this way you can easily make your child understand about the numbers. When the little one will get the idea about these numbers then you can simply make him or her understand about its order. You can number your chair or stairs temporarily for making the little one introduced with the order of these numbers through free educational games and fun free games for kids.

Learning Fruits and Flowers

If you introduce books for making your child understand about the fruits then it will be difficult for him or her. But if you use a few original fruits and flowers or the toys of these naturals then it will become easier for your child to get it. These take the attention of your child more than a book or images. So try the way and let your child identify the fruits and flowers easily. In this same way you can introduce the vegetables as well.

Learning Animals and Birds

As previously mentioned a child can not understand easily or identify the things from books or images. So in case of introducing animals and birds, it is not possible to bring the originals. So you use their toys to make your child understand about these. As everyone knows that children love toys a lot and so it will make your effort easy to make the little one understand with names of animals and birds. Not only that, it helps him or her to remember this for ever. So, these are the easiest free educational games and fun free games for kids.

Educational Video Games For Kids

Video games are the latest craze with children of all ages. There are times when it may be impossible to drag your kids away from the games. If you want the best of both worlds, there are many educational video games for kids.
These games are typically serious in nature with the main focus on learning rather than entertainment. Although, there is an entertainment aspect to keep your children engaged. Each game is usually designed to work on a specific skill set or curriculum, such as math or science.
There are many games on the market designed particularly for preschool age children. They include pattern recognition, colors, animals, and shapes. These usually focus on familiarization rather than memorization. This keeps children engaged without feeling like they are learning.
For grade school age children, there are many educational games with their favorite cartoon character. These games focus a lot on reading, phonics, and math. At this age, there are also some two-player games if you have multiple children. This helps them feed off each other with their learning.
It is important not to place a lot pressure on your child. Once it stops being fun and becomes more like school, they will more than likely lose interest. You don't want them to feel like they are doing homework
The key to finding truly educational games is research. Check with some of the used game stores if you are uncertain if your child will like a specific game. They are usually cheaper and will allow you to sell your game back if necessary.
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Hidden Object and Education Games

Games have always been a great part of people's lives. Although, traditionally, games remind us of our childhood, adults have become quite passionate with them as well. I'm not talking about simple childish games, of course, as games have developed quite a lot over the years. There are several educational games available that have become quite popular in different categories of groups. This is how children and adults all over the world have managed to become passionate about the same types of games. These games have been properly designed to create a relaxing, fun atmosphere, while still keeping the brain active.
Online games make it possible for everyone to experience the joys of playing a game in the comfort of their own homes. Playing is essential for a healthy life, and people have started feeling it more and more. Growing up doesn't have to mean getting serious and wiping any smile off your face or denying yourself any other interest than a family and a carrier. Thanks to these great educational games, you can still have a lot of fun, while still benefiting from mind development. Why not learn different new things, or refresh others with different educational games, while having fun at the same time? Sharpening your memory is not a thing that should be taken for granted. Having a game help you do it is a great advantage, as it will stop you from feeling tired through the process.
If you happen to come across hidden objects games for boys, you are hooked for life. It is funny how slow the human eye for detail really is. If you want to sharpen your mind and detect different details a lot faster, than hidden object games are exactly what you need. With every object you find, you will feel better about your ability to focus on details.
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Joya grand arcade phase dinosaur games offer a platform for people to develop their thinking and reasoning skills to grow mentally.

Educational Internet Games to Play Online

There are many internet games to play online. Some of these may be paid games but many games are available free. There are many advantages in playing these games. The advantages include:

o Players develop proficiencies in internet technologies
o These games generally do not require any additional expensive resources
o Most internet games do not require downloading or installation
o Teachers are able to integrate modern technology with core syllabus.

There are several websites that provide children with internet games to play online. Playing computer games, whether a learning experience or purely for entertainment, can give preschool children exposure to phonics lessons and math practice for a head start in school. Many sites aimed at children 2-5 use games to teach basics such as how to use a mouse, or more advanced skills needed to succeed in school. My four year old daughter for example accesses free online games on a daily basis and her learning experience is developing so many skills making me a proud father.

The first website that my child came across allowing internet games to play online was uptoten. Uptoten has two main characters Boowa and Kwala. These characters take children through various processes that teach them how to use a mouse, with flash interactions that require the child to hover, right click and left click a mouse. Children also learn how to use the arrow keys. As children advance through the games they learn simple arithmetic and learn to read in preparation for kindergarten. Since discovering uptoten she has found many more games that she can play on the computer such as ABC, Nick Jr and Disney games to refer to just a few.

It is not only children who gain from these games. There are also many internet games to play online that are both relaxing and educational for adults. Apart from being free and fun to play many provide a means by which players can remain mentally active. Like physical exercise which keeps the body active and fit, educational games keep the brain working and lower the risk of mental decline. Therefore games are suitable and recommended for people of all ages even the elderly and infirmed. It has even been discovered that one of the leading playing groups are those in executive employment who play games to relax and to alleviate stress.

Many educational internet games to play online are free and cover many interests. Free games for example include card, puzzle, word, sports, arcade games and others. Some free sites may require registration using your e-mail address, and many of the sites include advertising. Therefore there is some advantage of providers in allowing free games on their websites. Many websites provide free trials and in turn ask prospective customers to subscribe to paid games. There is nothing wrong in this as long as it is upfront and honest. There are an abundance of great games available for free online so think twice before you pay to play.

Although there are many educational internet games to play online for free these games are frequently limited. Therefore it is often necessary and even wise to pay for access to games of greater educational and entertainment value.

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Disney Junior Games - Interesting, Entertaining and Educational

Disney is a top brand name, when it comes to stories, games and toys for children. With an established familiarity in households, Disney is synonymous with kids-entertainment for many people. Disney junior games, a new online platform for children aged between 2 and 7 has gained popularity in a short span of time. In fact, it is a multi-platform brand, and its video games are designed to invite elders, i.e., parents and grandparents to join children to and get the Disney experience.

'Disney junior games' is not just about games, but also includes music and stories that exude the Disney fragrance in a magical way to impart fun and joy to every participant. It also offers series that encourage a healthy lifestyle and habits for pre-schoolers. Many parents appreciate fun learning games and also recommend them. Disney offers a lot of entry-level games for three-year-olds, rendering a great portal to introduce children to the PC. Games featuring Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Lightening McQueen, etc. are based on the favorite Disney characters of children. Kids will be overjoyed to interact with cartoon stars from the Disney Playhouse.

Further, the games are structured perfectly to present appropriate choices for each age group. Most of the games are informative, though a few are entertainment-oriented and meant for fun and leisure. Several video games, such as 'Koko's Color Field' and 'Quincy and the Magic Devices' are centered on Colors and Shapes, which help children to learn and identify colors and object shapes. Besides, the whole entertainment is vivid with attractive colors and pleasant yet lively music. The website is child-friendly and allows easy navigation, so that children can easily access their choice games.

All the Disney junior games are easy to understand for the relevant age-group and the friendly interface helps children to understand things at a glance. Another interesting fact about this online venture is that it provides several language options. So, people who are not familiar with English can select the appropriate native language from the language list offered on the site. Once the language is set, the site will start interacting in the chosen language and the games will also be based on the selected language. This is an added advantage for children as they will not have to blink and ponder for every subsequent step.

Apart from games, there are stories, puzzles and short educational series that are informative. Disney also updates the website regularly with newer games, which means that your child's Disney experience will not be diminished by monotony. Playing newer games day after day with favorite, traditional Disney characters can be a unique experience for children. Unlike several other video games that are based on fighting and violence, Disney junior games blend fun and learning in a marvelous way to impart interesting knowledge to kids.

In a nutshell, Disney Junior Games provides an assortment of amusement activities that are interesting, entertaining and educational for children. Children might actually learn one or more useful things from most of the games.

Educational and Memory Games For Toddlers Are Vital

There is a lot of development and educational games for toddlers which are perfect for strengthening parent-child relationships. These toys and games are great fun and a wonderful way of improving the mental skills of your toddler. The manipulative games tend to enhance the eye-hand coordination and dexterity of your toddler. The memory games for toddlers enhance the concentration and memory power.
The educational and memory games for toddlers include puzzles, dominoes, memory games and board games. These board games actually in enhance the knowledge about sounds, shapes and colors and when you move the pieces which also tends to improve the dexterity skills. Puzzles enable the toddlers solve problems and you can definitely buy jigsaw and wooden puzzles. The memory games for toddlers are also very essential and reason for this is the actually enhance the ability to recollect and reapply the knowledge and the memory skills of your child are enhanced with just beneficial for him in his future life also.
This is the best age for making your child learn new skills. It should be however noted that toddlers cannot focus continuously for long stretches of time and also get bored easily. Therefore, it is very important to keep the playing sessions short and make it a point to not force games or toys upon your child. You can also switch the games which she is being sold that he will not get bored and have fun along with learning something.
Do not forget to also enjoy with your child and do not just count the educational value of each and every activity you and your child indulge in. In a nutshell, educational and memory games for toddlers are definitely one of the perfect ways for relaxing and spending quality time with your child as he enhances dexterity skills, memory and concentration.
Thousands of people like you have already started showing improvements in their memory, concentration & attention level by playing brain training games online.
Thousands of people like you have already started showing improvements in their memory, concentration & attention level by playing brain training games online.
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PBS Kids Games - Give Your Child a Good Educational Start

Every parent worries about whether or not their child is ready to meet the challenges of that first year in school. PBS kids games can eliminate that worry or at least minimize it by using a series of fun and educational games to get your child ready for school while still having fun.

PBS kids games is an online site that has over 50 educational games to help your child get ready for the educational challenges that lay ahead and to even practice basic math and reading skills once they are in school. The PBS site has online games that teach basic reading and math readiness such as letter sounds and counting. It also has word recognition games, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice for older kids and even games that let children explore science and nature.

While some of these games are free the majority can only be played by registering with PBS Kids games. The fee is $80.00 per year but the site does offer a free trial period so you can determine whether or not the site is actually helpful to your child. Most parents should find the site easy to navigate and a great way for young children to practice counting and letter and word recognition. For children in school the ability to practice reading and math concepts will help a struggling child perfect these skills at a much more economical fee than a tutor would cost.

Just What Do You Get For Your Registration Fee?

The bottom line for most parents is knowing what they will get for their registration fee. The answer is quite a lot actually. Not only does your child get access to all 50 educational games, but also, there are also many arcade type games that you and your child can play together. You also get a series of PBS television episodes for kids that will further allow them to learn about a variety of topics, there are down loadable coloring pages as well.

To round everything off and make this site more useful for parents, PBS kids games have developed a way to follow their children's progress so that you can see which areas your child may need further development in and which areas they excel in so that you can help direct them in their learning. Best of all because these activities are done on the computer, there will be less stress between you and your child and your child gets instant feedback so they know what they did wrong and can learn to correct it.

PBS kids games are not meant to replace parental involvement in your child's education. It is simply a means to give parents one more tool to help their child learn and be more successful in school. If you are worried about your child being ready for school or if you have a young elementary child who is struggling with some of the basic skills, PBS kids games may be worth trying out for both you and your child.

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How Educational Games Online Benefit Your Children

The online safety of children has always been a controversial topic most especially among concerned parents. Should kids be allowed to use internet or should they be banned all together? How can they be monitored to make sure that the sites that they visit are safe? Considering the fact that the internet contains pretty much everything, these concerns are very much legitimate and understandable. Although, parents must realize that there are actually things in the internet that can help their children learn and have fun while they are at it. For instance, educational games online are available so that your children can have the time of their life while learning how to read, identify shapes and practice their logical thinking.

These are but some of the many benefits of educational games online for your children:

1. By playing educational games online, children will know the nice, satisfying feeling of actually accomplishing a goal. Let us say that they are playing Zuma, aside from the fact that they will learn how to match colors and have better motor skills by controlling the mouse, they will also know how great it feels to win if they work for it. Hence, they will learn that in order to succeed, work and skill are a necessary combination. Besides, it succeeding in their tasks will do wonders for their self confidence.

2. When your children are playing educational games online, they will not always win the first time around. That means that they have to try again in order to reach their goal. This will teach them the very important lesson of perseverance and not giving up to soon.

3. Yes, normal video games can be entertaining but let's face it, it deprives your child of the chance to mingle with other children. We all know that this is most important in order for him or her to learn to adapt to other people. It is vital for your child to develop interpersonal skills. What's great about playing educational games online is that your children can actually play and interact with other children. This is most beneficial to your child's social growth and development.

4. To bring meeting other kids to another level, there are educational games online that require children to team up in order to reach a certain goal. This is a great way for your child to recognize his strengths and weaknesses and to acknowledge that when people work together, they can do great things.

5. It is a proven fact that children who play educational games online have better motor control, particularly, of their eye and hand coordination. This is after all a basic skill that is important if they are to accomplish the goals of the game. This can be beneficial both online and in "real life" as some people choose to put it.

With proper parental supervision, kids can learn a lot while having loads of fun playing educational games online. Why not play with your child sometime and give it a shot?

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The Rise Of Childrens Educational Games And Toys

The modern day busy parent tries to compensate for his or her lack of time for his or her children by investing a great deal on education. Thus, it is not a surprise how many of such parents move mountains just to provide their kids entertaining products that not only encourage play, but also instill discovery and learning.

Makers of toys worldwide recognize this growing trend and are, consequently, coming up with new and improved lines of children's educational toys and games almost every month. What was once limited only to specialty toy and game shops, educational toys and games are now a staple in every children's oriented stores around the world, even at general mass retailers, like Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

Statistics show that the sales of toys and games have declined over the years. However, educational toys have been on the rise, as more parents opt to purchase products that would give them the most value for their money, as compared to, say, buying Bratz dolls and Hot Wheels.

The record for educational toys was broken in the Holiday season of the year 2000, when toy maker LeapFrog's LeapPad Learning System electronic reading toy became the bestselling children's game of the time, helping the company boost its sales by a whopping 120 per cent!

LeapFrog's success paved the way for other major and small toy makers to come up with educational toys of their own. Jakks Pacific, under its Child Guidance brand, released its own line of children's educational toys and games following a deal with Baby Genius. Hasbro released its Baby Einstein line and unveiled its preschool units, namely the Baby Einstein Company and Playskool. These new toys encouraged children to dabble in art, music, different foreign and local languages, and even poetry.

The strong demand for educational toys and games for children has urged major retailers, like Toys "R" Us, to allocate shelves upon shelves for these kinds of toys. And because more and more households are transforming into two-income families, it is likely that the demand will grow further as parents seek products that would try to fill their absence during their children's formative learning years.

With the rise in demand, it won't be a surprise when the price tag that comes with these educational toys and games will also decrease as the years pass. Right now, these kinds of toys are still a little expensive (though it hasn't stopped most parents from buying them). In the future, due to the overwhelming interest, educational toys and games will be accessible to everyone.

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How to Find High Quality Educational Games For Kids

As a special education teacher, I am always on the lookout for high quality educational games that will hold the interest of my students. My biggest problem is I have a wide range of developmental levels in my classroom. This makes it hard for me to shop around for games. Not only do I have to think about the kids this year but I also have to think about the kids in the future years.

Here is what I look for in games:


o Can the sound be easily turned on and off?
o Can the music be turned on and off separate from the sound?
o Can the brightness be adjusted?


o Can difficult be changed easily for different students?
o Can students pick up at level they completed?
o Are rewards given for completing levels?
o Are there incentives for advancing?


o Is the game single player or multiple players?
o How are the characters portrayed on the screen?

I want the games to be inviting for the students where the kids will want to play the games. The graphics and sound need to draw the children in and keep their attention without being to stimulating. This is why it is important that the music be able to turn off. Not all the children can handle the background music. Therefore, it must be able to easily turn off for some children while be readily available to stimulate other children without me having to figure out how to turn it back on.

iPhone/ iTouch Games for Education

At first, I had a little concern about my students using these handheld games for educational purposes. As I said before, I am a special education teacher and my students tend to be egocentric as it is. Giving them a handheld game, I was afraid would only thrust them deeper into their own world.

However, I discovered they became more vocal and picked up skills very quickly. They loved singing along with some of the songs and playing the games. Of course, it is too soon to tell if it translates into anything more, but they do make sounds and that is progress.

Online Educational Games

Online games will be your biggest resource whether you are a teacher or a parent. The Internet is full of free games you can play and games you can download for a small fee. The key to finding these games is to go and play a trial version first. On iTunes, the trials are normally called "Lite." Other sites like PlayFirst, have 30-minute trial versions before you have to buy the full set. The catch is you have to sign up to the site. However, it is totally worth it to get to try out the game before you spend the money.

Finding educational games for the classroom or for your own house just takes a little bit of questioning. You have to ask yourself what it is you are trying to teach. Once you know what you want your kids to learn, the games will start popping out at you.

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Educational Games - What They Can Teach and How

The philosopher Piaget was famous for his theory that children learn through play. A child's play is their work and they will learn through experiencing the world around them. Educational games and toys will aid a child's learning of their physical world and their body, their emotional and psychological world and their impact on the world in terms of their speech and communication.

Educational Games work on many levels, and choosing the right one or the right selection of educational toys will help you to build a collection that provides fun learning opportunities for your child.

How educational toys work

    Kinaesthetic Learning
    This simply means movement and the physical world. Toys that encourage a child to use their bodies to react, play or do, will stimulate a kind of learning that is not possible when simply watching or listening.
    Auditory Learning
    This is learning through hearing. Perhaps a child might not respond well to visual stimulation but may find listening to instructions, a story or sounds to be more interesting.
    Visual Learning
    This is learning through watching and looking. This might involve a child seeing colours, patterns or representations of the world in a book or game.
    Verbal Learning
    This kind of learning is when a child is asked to follow instructions or participate via verbal communication. This kind of learning teaches a child how to build vocabulary, learn to negotiate and better express themselves.
    Math Learning
    While not necessarily meaning mathematical toys or games, this type of learning will help a child to strategise, reason and estimate.

What educational toys and games can teach

    Cognitive Skills
    Cognitive toys are things like puzzles and games. This kind of play will teach a child how to problem solve and reason. It helps them to learn visual and special awareness and to learn about many different types of objects and themes such as colours, numbers, alphabet, vehicles, buildings, animals and many more.
    Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    Fine motor skill is the dexterity we develop with small muscles of the body like our fingers and hands, and generally occurs in direct coordination with our eyes. Games or toys that involve the use of little fingers and thumbs such as puzzles, sorting games, stacking and building toys will develop a child's fine motor skills. Gross motor skill is the development of our larger muscles and involves activities such as crawling, walking, running, jumping, catching and so on. Games and toys like balls, push along toys, wagons, tunnels and other physically involving toys will help your child to develop their gross motor skills.
    Hand-eye Co-ordination
    The development of hand-eye co-ordination is closely related to motor skills, as it involves the cooperation and better use of our hands and visual perception. Games like puzzles, shape sorters and stackers, or bowling, blocks and anything involving catching or throwing will develop a child's hand-eye co-ordination.
    Social Skills
    Social skills can be learnt through play. A child can learn to share, cooperate and negotiate through playing games and toys with other children. Most toys can be used to develop these skills, as long as the children learn to take turns and help each other to solve the problem or complete the task.

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